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Washing machine Mao Shuagun

Washing machine Mao Shuagun.

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Fruit vegetable food cleaning machine brush roller: products are cutting machine brush, radish cleaning machine brush roller, citrus cleaning machine brush roller, jujube cleaning machine brush roller, the potato cleaning machine brush roller, cut the meat machine brush, go mushroom cleaning machine brush, hair and miscellaneous peeling machine brush, wash the brush on the fruit machine, beans, garlic peeling machine brush, oil press machine brush.
Fruits, vegetables, food and other industrial production, the use of nylon brush roller on a variety of fruits, carrots and other agricultural crops to wash, the requirements of the brush wire, good elasticity, but can not scratch fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable food machinery brush materials by PA6, PA666116121010 silk, and core using 45# round steel or stainless steel parts, injection molding, implanted into the high high temperature nylon brush wire, used for washing fruits surface dirt and surface waxing; bristles for biocontrol of nylon 1010 resistance heat resistance and wear resistance of wire brush, brush wire back bend, do not fall off. Food brush is widely used in all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits before mechanical cleaning, peeling, etc. to pesticide residues. Brush on the surface of the roller brush can be clipped into a wave shape according to the needs, by the corresponding concave convex two brush roller for a group of, easy to clean fruits and vegetables to achieve higher cleaning effect. Service hotline Yao Huai brush industry: 0556-8453467 mobile phone: 13956504182 (Wang Jingli)